A little bit about When2Ride

This website was created, and is maintained, by a fellow biker that puts on a few riders per year. Up to this point, I have been using Facebook to handle my events, but it is very difficult to get a clear view of all my upcoming rides, plus I wanted to provide a means to have a quicker calendar style view.

Once I got it sort of like I wanted it, I decided to go ahead and register the domain name so I could share this site with the rest of the biking world. While it is targeted for motorcycle rides, I suppose you could use it for just about any type of event you wish, although the categories and tags may not suit your needs for maybe a birthday party.

This site is FREE!!! However, I do accept donations to help me cover my expenses in maintaining the site and any excess will go towards expenses I incur hosting charity rides. Most likely, I am like you, and do not keep a single penny from any charity ride that I help organize.
Larry Hardeman
P.S. – For information on how to use this site for scheduling an event or finding a bike ride in your region, visit the blog page. We will try to keep that post moved up close to the top.