Who can view ride information? Answer is ANYONE.
Who can create a ride? Answer is ANYONE as long as you are registered on this site.

We don’t require any special registration email verifications or anything like that, but a valid email address is required. Registration is  immediate, BUT, still subject to Admin review. So you might want to enter REAL information or your account may get locked and your email address blocked.

Once registered, you can begin creating your ride event. Events need a title, date, time and locations.

NOTE: There are 2 levels of registration. The default is a “subscriber” or member. The other is a “host”, meaning you are a person that will be hosting or creating rides in the future. You can request to become a “host” by clicking the appropriate checkbox during registration. Host requests will be reviewed by Admin prior to granting. Hosts have the ability to edit the rides they created. If you enter a ride as a subscriber and need to make a correction, you will need to notify admin.

To enter a location, simply start typing a name of the location in the location text box. If it is in the database, it will appear for you to select. If NOT, you can enter a new location. The name and address IS REQUIRED!

Enter all information possible, including some information in the text editor about the ride. If there is an event page on Facebook for the ride, or the subject as a Facebook page, enter the URL for that page.

Finally, you can upload an image for the ride. Images MUST be 800 pixels or smaller, vertical and horizontal and can’t be larger than 2MB in size. If your image is larger, you will need to resize it.

After you are satisfied with your information entered, submit the ride and it will become available immediately. But, like anything else, it is subject to Admin scrutiny based on content and intent. We will NOT support any events that are controversial by race, gender subjects or political views and they may be deleted if deemed to be so.

Once you have your ride submitted, you can share the link to that event on Facebook by going to the event you created and copying the URL to a Facebook post.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@when2ride.com.


Thank you and safe riding!!!